Anonymous asked:
Small fry ready to cry?

What even are you saying

Anonymous asked:
Dont you think ita funny how guys asdvertise a big dick, but no one says "Small dill ready to fill" or "Little guy ready to creampie"

What the fuuuuuuck

Anonymous asked:
Good! Now happy Birthday dammit.

Thank you (:

i’m nineteen now
Anonymous asked:
Well. Thats good to hear I guess. I hope all is well and stays well.

It’ll get better (: I’m still happy regardless. Just hate loosing people, you know?

Anonymous asked:
:(((( That sucks! What happened? If you don't mind...

Guess what we had wasn’t there anymore. I still want him to be happy, but I wanna be happy too. I’m tough though, I’ve been through worse.

Nothing says, “I like you a lot” like a hand around your throat during sex.

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I deleted your question on accident

But snapchat me